Acc Foundation

Capital Projects/Program Support

Enhancing Amenities, Programs Benefits Everyone

Throughout Alvin Community College’s history, faculty and staff have always tried to offer the best training in various fields and adapt appropriately to a changing world in order to prepare students for success in great careers.

Trying to be frugal and ultimately responsible to taxpayers at the same time, however, means that many plans and goals have to wait, such as beautification and logistical improvements and expansions. To help provide the college with resources to improve the usability and quality of the campus, the ACC Foundation funds various initiatives.  Just a few of the examples are below.

Capital improvement projects include:

  • Theatre Chair Campaign
  • Art Gallery Seating
  • Alvin Live Venue
  • Trail System

Program support initiatives include:

  • Honors Program
  • Children’s Summer Theatre
  • Student Ambassador Program

Theatre Chair Campaign

The Alvin Community College Theatre has provided the community with a venue for over 1,000 concerts, plays, performances and events for over 30 years. In 2009, the theatre seating was replaced for the first time. Not only were the seats old, hard and uncomfortable, many were damaged during Hurricane Ike in 2008. To help make the theatre more enjoyable and comfortable for guests, the ACC Foundation hosted a campaign in 2008 and 2009 to replace the original chairs with new, soft theatre-style seating. In appreciation for a donation of $250 to replace one chair, the ACC Foundation places on the armrest of the chair a brass plaque engraved with the name(s) of the supporter(s) or in memory/honor of a loved one.

ACC Theatre Seats

Maggi Vanos-Wilson, Donated Two ACC Theatre Chairs

"This is an important thing to me as I am a theatre graduate from ACC and my time and the people there meant a great deal to me."

Become a lifelong ACC Theatre supporter by sponsoring a chair today! Click here for details.

ACC Art Gallery Seating

In 2005, the ACC Foundation donated two leather benches to the ACC Art Gallery to enhance its venue and events. The seats allow guests to relax while enjoying the artwork and visit with each other in a more comfortable setting.


Art Gallery Bench

Cherie Richey, ACC Visual Arts Coordinator

"The art department hosts many exhibits each year in our gallery and the leather benches donated by the Foundation have tremendously improved the whole environment. Not only are they stylish and sleek, they are enjoyed by many, as our exhibits are attended by students, faculty and the community. The benches encourage guests to linger and enjoy the art and ambiance at their leisure. I’m delighted every time I see students and guests relaxing and visiting in our gallery. We really appreciate the generosity of the ACC Foundation and their support of the arts."


Alvin Live Venue

Alvin Live is a unique collaborative effort to bring quality, live entertainment to Alvin in a cozy, intimate setting similar to the well-known Austin City Limits production. Through a generous donation from the Alvin Rotary Club and funds from the ACC Foundation, a large room in Building K has been renovated into a one-of-kind local venue.  In addition to serving as a place for community social gatherings, the entertainment lounge will be used by ACC students to gain experience in television and radio broadcasting. ACC’s popular KACC Live series will also use the setting for its productions on 89.7 FM and KACC-TV, Cable Access Channel 16. Alvin Live will seat 125 guests and funds raised from ticket sales to various events will go toward ACC Broadcast Communications student training and scholarships.


ACC Alvin Live Venue

Bill Lewis, ACC Broadcast Communications Department Chair

"Alvin Live offers area residents the opportunity to see some interesting musical acts and performances in a very special atmosphere. The room will also be utilized as a lecture environment and a room that can showcase our students’ audio and video work to the media professionals that make up our advisory board."

Trail System

The ACC Foundation, with the assistance of numerous organizations, a fundraiser sponsored by Ruth Ryan and nearly 100 donor contributions helped make the track a reality at the college in 1984. Thousands of people use the track each year and it has been an important asset to the community. Due to an improvement initiative in 2009, the trail is now marked in quarter-mile increments with large geological specimens donated by former ACC geology instructor Dora Devery and showcased by the work of ACC Physical Plant Director Bill Nielsen and his environmental team.

Brush on the trail’s east side was also cleared to make it more open and the future adjoining trail in Briscoe Park visible. The starting point of the 2-mile trail is at the basalt boulder just west of the Phillips Field concession stand and the 2-mile mark overlaps the start and ends at the next marker, two sandstone boulders located at the intersection of two circle tracks.

ACC Jogging Trail

Bonny Johnson, ACC Athletic Director

"Classes and the community both enjoy the walking trail at ACC. The trail is used by all ages which gives both students and people from the community a nice place to be outside, exercise and work on a healthier lifestyle."


ACC Honors Program Gives Students Another Tool to Excel 

In 2008 & 2009, the ACC Foundation helped students involved in the ACC Honors Program attend conventions throughout the nation.  In addition to gaining experience in public speaking and research, participating in honors conferences gives students an opportunity to experience new schools and meet recruiters.

To be eligible to participate in the ACC Honors Program, students must have at least: over 12 credit hours with a 3.0 grade point average or higher; ACT score of at least 26; SAT score of at least 1100; graduated in the top 20 percent of high school class; or received approval by an honors class instructor. Subjects that are taught with optional honors contracts include: art, biology, chemistry, diagnostic cardiovascular echocardiography, economics, English, geology, government, history, math, nursing, physics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and Spanish.

Students who successfully complete at least 12 hours of honors classes qualify for an honors designation on their transcript as well as recognition as an honors student at graduation. Through the ACC Honors Program, students can attend designated honors courses or selected regular courses and complete additional honors projects. Students are encouraged to present the honors projects at state and regional conventions.

The ACC Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Great Plains Honors Council and Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Honors Council. For more information, contact Dr. Ann Guess at (281) 756-3974.

Katherine Allin, 2009 ACC Honors Graduate

"From the two years that I was in the ACC Honors Program, I grew so much as a student, a researcher, and an individual. It benefited me in more ways than I can describe; it gave me great self-confidence, honed my speaking and researching skills, and gave me a great appreciation for others’ research. It also helped me set high standards and goals for myself, so that I worked hard in all of my classes – not just the ones that were for honors credit. Overall, the honors projects gave me valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my academic career – and truly, it gave me skills that will help me succeed in life."


Children’s Summer Theatre Gives Young People a Chance to Shine

Each summer, ACC Speech and Drama Department Chair Dr. Jay Burton hosts the Children’s Summer Theatre. Over 60 kids participate in producing two plays, one in June and another in July. Not only do they get to perform, they are able to gain experience in stage manager, set building, lighting, sound and more. They also learn valuable life lessons, like how to work with others, think creatively, speak in public and much more.

Sunny Angst, 11-year-old 2009 Summer Children’s Theatre Actor

"I learned that it takes practice and a lot of time to learn all your lines. I learned that you have to get into character and not break your character and get along with everybody (in the production). It (participating in the program) can help kids experience what they need to learn to do in life."

Student Ambassador Program Promotes Higher Education

To help promote involvement and enthusiasm for higher education opportunities and possibilities, the ACC Foundation sponsored the new Ambassador Program at ACC for the first time during the fall 2009 semester. Each student receives a scholarship to help with their studies during the semester. Some of the duties for the ambassadors include: calling prospective students, providing campus tours, serving as new student orientation guides, greeting state officials, assisting the recruiter and departments at events, assisting with marketing materials, restocking brochures and rack cards throughout the campus, helping students on the first day of the semester and more.

Tim Gusey, Spring 2010 Student Ambassador

"Without the scholarship for being a student ambassador, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my degree on schedule."