Acc Foundation

Faculty & Staff Development

Professional Development Helps Faculty and Staff Better Serve Students.

The ACC Foundation believes it is crucial for faculty and staff to continue to grow professionally and personally as individuals and as a team in order to provide the best quality services, instruction and programs to students. In addition to the steps each person takes on his or her own, the Foundation supports workshops, programs and events throughout the year.

Professional development programs include:

  • Great Teachers Convention
  • TSCM Workshop
  • Excellence Awards

Annual Great Teachers Convention Renews Excitement, Commitment

Since 1978, the ACC Foundation has sent one faculty member each year to a seminar to celebrate exceptional service, renew the instructor’s commitment to teaching and provide the resources and tools needed to continue to inspire and stimulate students, as well as themselves.
At last year’s seminar in Hawaii, which was held at Kilauea Military Camp near the world’s most active volcano – Kilauea, engaged in projects and activities with people from all over the U. S. that spawned ideas and excitement. The goal of the seminar is to bring educators together to learn from each other.

Debra Fontenot, ACC Associate Degree Nursing Instructor, ACC Alumna

2009 Great Teachers Recipient
"It was an honor to represent ACC at the 2009 Hawaii National Great Teacher Seminar. The seminar offered me the opportunity to meet faculty from across the country in all disciplines. It was beneficial to network with other instructors to seek strategies to deal with student and learning issues that are not unique to nursing. Not only were problems discussed, but also activities we do that work well. I appreciate the ACC Foundation funding this opportunity."



TSCM Workshop

The Technical, Support, Clerical and Maintenance Personnel (TSCM) staff plays an integral role in the success of the college and its ability to provide excellent customer service. To help provide the TSCM personnel with the tools and skills needed to do their job effectively and efficiently for the benefit of students and the community, the ACC Foundation helps sponsor an annual workshop with a grant of $500. Guest speakers have included KTRK news anchor Melanie Lawson, Jim “Mattress Mac” McIngvale and more.


Wendy Klentzman, ACC Senior Administrative Assistant

"I think the TSCM workshop is important because it’s a morale builder and it’s a wonderful way for people from different departments to get to know each other and work together. We learn that by working together, we can accomplish so much more than trying to do it on our own."


Excellence Awards Reward Ongoing, High Quality Service

Bill Lewis, Sally Durand and Paula Castillo were the 2010 recipients of the ACC Foundation Excellence Awards. Each year, the ACC Foundation presents the Excellence Awards to an ACC faculty member, administrative staff employee and TSCM (Technical, Clerical, Support, Maintenance) employee. The three recipients were nominated by college faculty and staff and selected by a committee. Each recipient receives a plaque and $1,000. The goal of these awards is to recognize individual staff members who have not only achieved excellence in performance of their job over a sustained period of time, but have also provided exemplary service to the college and community. The ACC Foundation hosts events each year to raise money for student scholarships and these awards.

Lewis, an Alvin resident and the college’s Broadcast Communications Department chair, received the Joe Phillips Excellence Award for faculty. He has been at ACC since 1995.

Durand, a Friendswood resident who is the college’s Associate Degree Nursing director, received the Jo Bennett Excellence Award for administrative staff. She has been at ACC since 1980.

Castillo, an Alvin resident who is the housekeeping supervisor, received the Ida Blanchette Excellence Award for TSCM staff. She has been at ACC since 1989.