Online Community

Online Community

How Can You Help

You have the power to help them! There are several ways that you can contribute to the cause and save our students.

Register to participate in the professional development "game."

  • Attend professional development activities.
  • Apply what you learn in the classroom, on your job, or in your personal life.
  • Share what you learn and how you implemented the change with the “Online Community in Blackboard.”
  • Report what you have done.
  • Track your results on the Leaderboard.

Each hour of professional development logged will immunize 1 student. If you share what you learn with the online community you will immunize 1 more student. If you apply what you have learned in the classroom and share what you did with the online community you will immunize 2 additional students. Based on the severity of this disease it is recommended that you save at least “10” students.

You can log your activity and keep track of the progress of the entire team by accessing the “Leaderboard.” You will be recognized for your contributions to the effort by receiving badges at various levels in the game. Immunizing 10 students will earn the Basic Life Saver Badge distinction, saving 20 students will earn the Intermediate Life Saver Badge, and 30 or more will earn the Advanced Life Saver Badge.

The Online Community

The Online Community is located in Blackboard, so that all faculty and staff can participate in a safe, private setting.

The purpose of the community is to provide a location where users can,

  • Collaborate with other faculty and staff at ACC.
  • Discuss professional development experiences and their impact on the learner.
  • Share how professional development experiences are implemented in classroom, on the job, or in personal growth.
  • Encourage others peers in the area of professional development
  • Build excitement for new topics

Suggest additional topics or opportunities for professional development.

The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard can be used to locate, report and track your own personal progress. Remember the goal is for every faculty and staff member to at least earn the Basic Life Saver Badge.