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ACC Assistance Program

ACC Tuition Grant Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unexpected challenges in all of our lives. In many cases, it has greatly impacted student’s ability to afford college. To provide relief, ACC is proud to offer financial support to students through the Assistance Program for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 terms.

The more credit hours you take, the more you save!

Credit Hours Non-Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment
1-5  $200 $100
6-8  $400 $200
9-11  $500 $250
12 and up $600 $300

Visit the Assistance Program page for more information.






If you are looking for a new opportunity, you can begin a new career in two years or less in Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Construction, Science and Technology, Welding, and more. Reimagine yourself in a new career, Right Now! 


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