Course Evaluations


To take the Course Evaluation Survey, click on the link below, then log in with your WebACCess/Blackboard Username.*

*Use ONLY your username and NOT your entire student email.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are my evaluations anonymous?
    Yes, they are. Unless you write you name on your written comment, your instructor will not know who completed the evaluation.

  2. Do I complete an evaluation for each one of the classes I am taking?
    Yes, you do. We need feedback from all of your classes.

  3. If I complete a paper evaluation in class, is that all I need to do?
    No. That evaluation is just for that class. We need feedback from all of your classes.

  4. Why do I need to fill out all my course evaluations?
    Each of your instructors needs your feedback to improve the quality of teaching and learning at ACC.

  5. When will the results of the course evaluations be available for the instructor to see?
    The results from all evaluations for a term will be available after grades have been posted.

Thank you for completing your course evaluations and sharing your feedback.