Student Scholarships at ACC

A variety of scholarships are available from private and public sources. Scholarship selection criteria may be based on demonstrated financial need, academic merit, college major, or other specific qualifications. The funding organization determines the scholarship amount, criteria, and deadlines for application. 

To apply for scholarships specific to ACC, you must first be accepted as an ACC student.  If you are new to ACC and not accepted to yet, you can apply online here.

Once you have an ACCess ID and student email, you can then log in to apply for scholarships using the following link.  Academic Works 

In Academic Works at ACC you will find three types of scholarships.

  • ACC Departmental Scholarships - These scholarships are specific to your major and/or classes you are taking.
  • ACC Foundation Scholarships - Many donors set up scholarships and endowments through the ACC Foundation.  These scholarships vary based on the wishes of the donors.  Some may be only for graduating seniors going to ACC.  Some may only be for students who are already full-time at ACC.  There are many different kinds, and  each has different requirements within the scholarship.
  • Donor Scholarships - These are mostly scholarships offered by other local non-profit groups or partner organizations that we have chosen to add to the portal for your convenience.

Application periods and deadlines vary.  Check it out!

First Step Award

Other Ways to Find Scholarships

These days there are many scholarship opportunities available to you online.  Some are even grouped in large databases so that you can search for the ones that might be right for you one one website.  It's one-stop shopping!  Here are several scholarship database sites you can try!

National Scholarship Databases

Texas Scholarship Database


A Few More Options for You

The scholarships below are from organizations that have specifically asked us to advertise their scholarship on the ACC webpage.  They are not related to ACC in any way, but there may be something here that is just right for YOU!

  • Soroptimist Scholarship
    Live Your Dream Awards help offset tuition, student loans, or find reliable childcare so she can worry less about how to pay her bills and focus on reaching her dreams. Learn more.
  • "The Dream is Inclusive" Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The John B. Jackson Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Bethune Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Ted A. Greve Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Schneider Hammers Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Joe Durham Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Scholarship. Learn more.
  • EDUMED Pharmacy Tech Scholarship & Resource Guide. Learn more.
  • Fig Loans Scholarship.  Learn more.
  • Scholarships.  Learn more.
  • Comedy Defensive Driving.  Learn more.
  •  Learn more.
  • Boom & Bucket.  Learn more.
  • History By Mail.  Learn more.