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ACC Student Named to All State Band

While there have not been many live music performances since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it hasn’t stopped Alvin Community College student Jacob Wendorf from making the Texas Music Educators All State Band.

“Being named a part of the Texas All State Band is always a honor,” said Wendorf, of Alvin. “This is my third time being named a part of the all state bands and every time it is significantly more enjoyable than the last. I’m always happy to get to make music with other talented musicians.”

Students from 22 Texas community colleges try out for the All State Band every year and only a few are selected. Each participant submits recorded entries which are then judged.

“Making the community college all state band is a great honor that comes from hard work and preparation on each student’s part,” said David Griffith, ACC Band director.

Students named to the All State Band would typically perform in an annual concert but it will not take place this year due to COVID-19.

“In leu of that, the Texas Community College Band Directors Association has created a solo competition for All State members who achieved first chair rankings in each section,” Griffith said. “Jake is now preparing music and will record and submit solo recordings at the end of February to be judged for scholarship money. This is a head to head competition with other first chair players in each section.”

Winners of the competition will be announced in late April.

Wendorf performs with the euphonium, his instrument of choice for more than 10 years.

“The euphonium resembles a tuba but smaller and serves as the tenor voice in the band,” Wendorf said. “While it is not a very known instrument, I hope to change that one day.”

When he completes his courses at ACC, Wendorf plans to transfer to the University of North Texas and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical performance.

“Once I finish my degree I plan on launching my professional career as a musician/soloist for the euphonium,” he said.

While he plans to be a musician, he also hopes to return to the classroom but as an educator.

“Later in life I plan on becoming a university professor myself,” Wendorf said. “I can never see myself doing anything else besides playing euphonium and making music, it’s my passion and I couldn’t have it any other way.”