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ACC CNC Program Open for Applicants

As local industry strives to attain talented workers, the Alvin Community College CNC program seeks to fill the demand from employers.

Tech CNC owner Manny Pasillas serves on an ACC advisory board for industrial programs and said employers are in need of qualified workers.

“We have to prepare people,” Pasillas said. “We can bring every single job back. But if we there’s no one to fill it, if there’s no body to run the machine or fix the machine, we’ll be dead in the water.”

Students can now register to become certified in CNC technology through a six-month  certification program.

CNC, or computer numerical control, machinists operate mills and lathes, which are used in industrial construction projects. Having skills with both types of equipment makes a potential employee more attractive on the job market.

“Right now there is a  lack of machinists,” in the industry, Pasillas said. “The manufacturing industry is what we measure our economy with. It is the backbone of the American economy.”

The CNC curriculum at ACC is tailored to ensure that workers are trained in the methods and technology that they will experience in the workforce.

“We have industry verify the curriculum,” said Sarah Currie, ACC director of Business and Technical programs. “We need something that is substantial to meet the needs of these industries. We want to get them trained and in the field.”

When Pasillas first started college he pursued an education and career in mechanical engineering. But when he discovered CNC technology and its importance in the manufacturing process, he decided to join the field and eventually started his own business with his wife.

“ You’re producing something like art and it’s very precise,” Pasillas said. “This is a career that can be lucrative and can be satisfying.”

Courses for the CNC program will start at the end of August. Registration for the Fall is now open. For more information about CNC call 281-756-3787 or email

To hear more about Pasillas and his journey to change his career into CNC, check out the ACC Podcast which is available wherever you get podcasts.