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ACC NDT Students Utilizing Online EEG Technology

As Alvin Community College faculty members strive to keep students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Neurodiagnostic Technology program has implemented a new software platform to allow students to read test results online.

The new software, Rendrneuro, will allow students to continue their education safely from their home and require fewer visits to campus, said Robyn Ketchum, NDT instructor.

The software is produced by LifeLines Neuro Company and allows users to study electroencephalograms, or EEGs, which are tests that used to assess the brain activity in patients diagnosed or suspected of having epilepsy, a recent stroke, or brain tumor.

Prior to the implementation of Rendrneuro, students had to be in a lab at ACC in order to read the EEGs.

“The software will allow the students to review an EEG, change the settings on an EEG, study how filter settings modify an EEG, as well as label certain waveforms I ask them to find on their own time,” Ketchum said. “This new program will give students extensive time to study and learn virtually while at home.”

While giving students an opportunity to learn more about their profession from home, it also helps reduce physical contact among students on campus, said Jordan Rusk, NDT program director.

“LifeLines Neuro has graciously given the NDT program at ACC the opportunity to engage our students in a hand’s on learning experience using their EEG software,” Rusk said. “This has been a great opportunity given the unexpected learning transition due to COVID.”

The software is relatively new to the EEG field and it’s important that students are familiar with what they will experience in the workforce, Rusk said.

“This is a brand new program in the Neurodiagnostic field as well as the first of its kind in online EEG education,” she said. “Thanks to this advanced program, we now have even more resources to further prepare our students for the real-life EEG exams they will be reviewing once they have graduated from ACC.”

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