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ACC Homeschool Student Finding Future in College

While dividing her time between getting her education at home and riding horseback in equestrian competitions, Madison Thompson said she felt a little uneasy taking classes at Alvin Community College.

After finishing elementary school, Thompson and her twin sister began homeschooling and taking courses online. When they approached 10th grade, they began attending ACC to start their college education.

“It was definitely a change, because I was used to doing all of my schoolwork in one room in my house,” said Thompson, of League City. “I was equally balanced between nervous and excited.”

She feared that the classes might be too difficult and worried about working with college professors, she said. Thompson was used to studying by herself or with her twin sister.

When they first started taking courses at ACC, Thompson said another adjustment was getting used to campus life. They were shy about meeting new people and it took time for them to come out of their shells with classmates.

“That kind of thing was an adjustment,” Thompson said. “But I learn better in a classroom face-to-face. I was really excited to be getting things done.”

Thompson said she has thrived as a student at ACC and feels prepared to move on to the university level.

“I have definitely enjoyed it,” Thompson said.

She recently posted a 1380 on her SAT which was in the top 8 percent in the country and a 30 on her ACT which is among the top 7 percent.

“I think it went pretty well,” she said.

As she stays busy with her education and as an equestrian competitor, Thompson will also be busy abroad as she is taking a mission trip to Kenya to work with women and children in a partnership with her church.

Her mother has worked with the mission in the past and Thompson is looking forward to participating herself.

“We are doing a summer camp for the children,” she said. “So I am very excited because I know a lot of the people through her and I’m excited to meet everyone.”

Thompson said she is on track to finish her Associate’s Degree and high school diploma within the next year. She plans to attend Texas A&M where her grandparents and her mother previously attended. Thompson is also considering attending a university in Kentucky.

Wherever she goes, she wants to continue her career as an equestrian.

“I really want to do animal science and equine science,” she said. “I also would like to be on the A&M Equestrian team.”

Thompson’s full interview is available on the ACC Podcast which is wherever podcasts are found.