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ACC Polysomnography Students Receive Grant for Exam Prep

For students looking to enter any profession, achieving their licensure or certification is one of the most important steps to beginning their career.

The Alvin Community College Polysomnography program recently received a $1,500 Innovative Initiative grant from the ACC Foundation for a preparatory course for students looking to take their licensure exams.

“Students cannot work as a sleep technician unless they have passed the Registered Sleep Technologist exam,” said Jordan Rusk, Polysomnography director.

The Innovative Initiative Grant program is designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative approaches to fulfill the mission of the college. The grants will be used for the 2023-24 academic year.

While students receive the necessary education and training for sleep technology while enrolled at ACC, it’s helpful to have assistance with the registry exam which is taken after graduation.

“It pulls everything they’ve learned during the program and reintroduces it to them,” Rusk said of the course. “It’s just giving students extra support.”

The grant will pay for six months of access to the preparatory course online.

Polysomnography graduates help with the treatment and diagnosis the causes of conditions like narcolepsy, sleep apnea and insomnia. ACC is home to the first polysomnography degree program in Texas and one of 16 throughout the United States.

“The number of programs is small but the workforce is huge especially in Houston with the Medical Center,” Rusk said. “It is a really good field to get into.”

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