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ACC Receives Approval for New Programs

Alvin Community College recently received approval to begin offering new degrees and certificates through its Welding and Automotive Technology programs.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recently issued a notice that ACC can now offer an Associate of Applied Science degree and a Level 2 Certificate for Automotive Technology at the J.B. Hensler College and Career Academy as well as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Jester 3 unit.

ACC can also begin offering an Associate of Applied Science and a Level 2 certificate in Welding.

“Offering these advanced degrees and certificates will provide our students with a higher level of education that will benefit them as they pursue their careers,” said Dr. Cindy Griffith, ACC Vice President of Instruction. “These credentials will continue to pay dividends for our students long after they complete their degrees.”

The new degrees and advanced certificates will become available for students beginning in August 2022.

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