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ACC Hosts Re-Opening Ceremony

Alvin Community College hosted a re-opening ceremony to mark the completion of the construction from the Maintenance Note project on October 20.

The college held a ribbon cutting at the ceremony with local chambers of commerce and attendees went on a self-guided tour of the updated facilities.

“Through all of the challenges and the transitions, we have made it to today,” ACC President Robert J. Exley said during the ceremony. “All of the walls that were torn down have been rebuilt.”

The $25 million project was approved by regents in 2018 under the tenure of former President Christal M. Albrecht to make improvements to infrastructure on campus including the replacement of water lines, roof repairs, HVAC equipment, electrical, security and more.

The improvements also included interior renovations to Buildings A, B, C, D, G, H, the Theatre, Band Hall, and more. The Communications program and radio station were moved into a new facility in Building B. There was also a complete renovation of the Student Center. The Nolan Ryan Center was also remodeled to include a new Culinary Arts facility.

“It’s exciting to see the culmination of three years of hard work come to fruition,” said ‘Bel Sanchez, ACC Board chair. “It was awesome to see the community to come out and support us for this event.”

Sanchez also commended the ACC staff who persevered through the construction delays and the onset of the Covid Pandemic to see the project completed. Thanks to the guidance of board members, past and present, the campus is safer, more inviting and vastly improved for the future, she said.

“It’s great to see this campus opened again and I look forward to hosting events for the community while also providing quality education for our students in this updated facility,” Sanchez said.