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ACC Student Selected for NASA Program

Logan Marquis

As future generations will have to combat the effects of climate change, Alvin Community College student Logan Marquis hopes to learn more about the issue to help address it through research.

“I am very interested in physics and atmospheric science,” he said. “I hope to use my courses and future degrees to work in scientific research about climate change and predictive weather events.”

Marquis got a major boost toward his goal after NASA selected him as a National Community College Aerospace Scholar. The internship program encourages students from two-year colleges to continue their STEM education at a four-year university.

“I am so excited for this opportunity,” Marquis said. “Participating in a program like NCAS is a once in a lifetime opportunity and this is just the first big step.”

The Community College Aerospace Scholar (NCAS) program is an educational experience for students interested in a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each scholar receives a four-day, in-person experience at a NASA center. They will also participate in a five-week online workshop which includes live video chats with NASA experts and engage in mission design challenges.

Marquis is the third ACC student chosen for this program. Chelsi Nelson was selected for the program in 2016 and Keaton Jones was selected in 2019.

Marquis credits the assistance of Honors Program Director and History faculty member Dr. Ian Baldwin for his guidance.

“Logan is one of our hardest-working students in the Honors Program,” Baldwin said. “He consistently seeks out ways to enhance his educational journey, even amidst the difficulties of 2020. His acceptance into the NASA Scholars Program is a wonderful reflection of his drive, intellectual curiosity, and commitment.”

The Aerospace Scholar program draws in applications from all over the country from students in a variety of fields.

“In order to achieve my goals, programs like NCAS are a must,” Marquis said. “This internship allows me to learn new things and network with dozens of students and NASA employees, as well as improve my personal experiences to better my own academic capabilities.”

While he has not yet decided on a major, Marquis said he plans to continue his education after finishing at ACC and hopes to become an educator himself.

“I plan to enter graduate school and work in research,” he said. “This process takes a while, but I hope to get a clearer image of where I will be in the years to come. Once all of my education is finished, I would love to work as a full-time researcher or even as an instructor/professor.”

Joining the Aerospace Scholars will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about his future profession, Marquis said.

“I am looking forward to meeting new students and experts,” he said. “NCAS brings together many different types of people all over the United States and I cannot wait to network and make life-long relationships. The hard work has just begun but I have high hopes for success."