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ACC Grad Finds New Path in Nursing

Finding the time to pursue a new career is challenging enough. Trying to do it without a full time job makes it more difficult.

For Omosefe Enofe, she’d already earned a bachelors and masters degrees and was busy working in the health care field but soon felt a calling in a different direction – Nursing.

“I wanted an opportunity to educate the community about being more aware of their health and well-being,” Enofe said.

Enofe eventually quit her position and enrolled at Alvin Community College to pursue a degree in Associate Degree Nursing.

“With the help of my amazing husband, Chris and the support of my parents and family, I resigned from my job to focus full-time on the program and the rest is, they say is history,” she said.

Immediately, Enofe established herself as a hard-working student, said Dr. Debi Fontenot, ACC Nursing director.

“Omosefe was a diligent student paying attention to detail and showing good clinical judgment,” Fontenot said. “In addition to meeting the requirements for her nursing degree, Omosefe was also inducted into the Eta Tau chapter of the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society.”

No sooner than Enofe began taking classes at ACC, COVID began to take hold within the United States, impacting how ACC conducted classes and clinical instruction.

She spent much of her time at home as her husband Christopher worked from the house and her daughters Joanne, 9 and Michaela, 5 attended school online.

“Covid-19 was extremely challenging trying to maneuver everything,” Enofe said. “Throughout the year, we were all home, I was going from one room trying to make sure my girls were focusing in the Zoom class, while my husband was working from home in another room before I would finally sit down for my class online.”

The challenge became too much and at one point, Enofe had to retake her second semester.

“That was devastating to me, but my family and friends were so encouraging and helped get me through that tough period,” she said. “God set everything up so this time would be the perfect time for me.”

Enofe moved to the United States when she was nine years old and had the dream to become a pediatrician. She went to college at the University of Houston where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Biology in 2009 and a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration in 2015 from Grand Canyon University.

She started her career working with the Harris Center for Mental Health and helped pilot Integrated Care Services for the organization. It was during this time that Enofe noticed something about the relationship between nurses and patients.

“I worked closely with the nurses and saw how most patients were unaware of their comorbidities,” she said “It was in doing this that my desire to pursue a nursing career was ignited.”

Enofe worked with a friend and mentor who helped her discover the Nursing program at ACC.

“She was a graduate from the program and told me so many positive things about it,” Enofe said. “I took her advice completed my prerequisites.”

Enofe graduated from the program in December 2021 and is planning to pursue her Bachelors in Nursing degree. She is also considering several job opportunities as she works toward her next degree.

“God set everything up so this time would be the perfect time for me,” she said.