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ACC Student Seeks Career on the Airwaves

Ever since he was a teenager, Evan Geiger knew. Whether it was in front of a camera or a microphone, Geiger wanted to talk about sports.

Baseball, basketball, football – it didn’t matter to the Alvin Community College Communications student.

“I’ve always been into sports. I’ve always known I want to work in sports,” said Geiger, of Rosharon. “When you see a game’s the winning touchdown or the walk-off homerun, it is just electricity courses through your veins.”

Finding a passion for a career has been an important goal for Geiger.

“My father told me to do something you love,” he said. “Your life will be a lot easier.”

Geiger enrolled at ACC in the Communications program right when the COVID pandemic started. While it has been difficult to move forward with his education, Geiger hasn’t let it stop him.

“Evan is a highly focused individual, the type of student every educator wishes for,” said Jason Nichols, ACC Communications chair. “He knows what he wants to do for a career and he is on the path to get there.”

Geiger’s love for broadcast in sports is differs from most fans, Geiger said. He watches every game and pays close attention to the style of the commentators.

“I watch it in a different way than other people,” Geiger said. ”That’s just how I’ve always been.”

Hoping to learn more about broadcasting, Geiger volunteered to participate in the KACC 89.7 FM broadcast of Alvin ISD football games. He eventually started keeping statistics at the games and then began to speak about the stats during the broadcasts.

“By the fifth week, I was the third color commentator for the games,” he said.

Recently Geiger was hired by Texas Sports Radio Network, a radio and television network dedicated to regional sports. Geiger said he has enjoyed his time getting the experience and finding his voice behind the game.

“Now I broadcast the whole games by myself,” he said. “It just kind of happened and it worked. It was amazing.”

Geiger is close to finishing his education at ACC and plans to transfer to the University of Houston to earn a bachelor’s degree. Hopefully, just like at ACC, he’ll be behind the mic at Houston sporting events through the university.

“I know the students can get involved,” he said. “I hope through that I can diversify my experiences. I want to learn as much as I can so I can always have a job in the field.”

There are many life lessons and values that fans can find in the world of sports. Geiger said he hopes he can speak to those aspects in his commentary.

“There’s so much good in sports,” he said. “There’s so much passion. There’s so many good things that come from it. Leadership, character. A lot of this stuff translates into the real world.”

To hear more about Geiger’s story, you can listen to the ACC podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Spotify and Youtube.