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Alvin ISD Options Program

To help bring students back to the classroom, Alvin ISD recently began their latest class of the Options Program at Alvin Community College.

The program aims to help students who have left high school but are returning to get their education while also gaining experience on a college campus

“I’m looking forward to gaining college credits to help me in pursuing a career in Nursing, meeting new people, and hopefully building relationships,” said Options student Benito Vargas Jr.

The Options program is designed to assist students ages 17-26 to help meet the requirements for graduation and to obtain job skills.

“These students need a different environment to help them meet their goal of a high school diploma,” said Randall Guikema, Options coordinator.

The program is now in its 11th year and has graduated close to 800 students.

“At the beginning, it was created for the purpose of recovering students beyond their fourth year of high school,” Guikema said. “Now, because of the success of the program, it is a little more proactive in seeking out students in their 3rd year or beyond.”

For student Lorina Lopez, the program is a flexible option for her to finish her education.

“I have the opportunity for more options and to build a better future,” she said.

Students must apply to join options and give an interview with staff members.

“The journey to Options begins with the home campus and a discussion with the counselor,” Guikema said.

The program’s vision is to empower students and help them reclaim their future. For Benitez, the program accomplishes that while also giving him a chance for self improvement.

“I felt like my life was not going anywhere and Options was giving the opportunity to allow me to have actual control on my life and it allows more flexibility during rough times," he said.

For more information about the Options program, call 281-245-2681.