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ACC Instructor Named to Transfer Committee

One of the most important role served by community colleges is preparing students to transfer to a university to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. Alvin Community College Biology instructor Dwight Rhodes was recently named to a committee to help ensure students are receiving the education they need in order to successfully transfer.

Rhodes was named to the Texas Transfer Advisory Committee’s Discipline Specific Subcommittee on Biology. The committee will contribute to the Texas Transfer Field Study Curriculum from the state’s Higher Education Coordinating Board. The committee’s goal will also ensure development of the Field of Study Curriculum, which is a set of lower-division courses that transfer and apply to a specific degree program.

“The Field of Study in Biology will help students progress in their pursuit of a college degree saving them time and money in selecting appropriate transferable classes toward their graduation in their selected institution,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes was appointed to serve a three-year term on the committee.

Members will implement a data informed approach to support transfer students from community colleges and to specifically maximize the transfer and applicability of courses for a student’s major at a university. The Curriculum will be relevant to a specific discipline, include up to 12 hours of foundation courses and six hours directed electives.

“This will help students develop a pathway which will assure them that upon completion of their FOS in biology that those classes and the college credit earned in those classes will be transferable to all Texas public institutions of higher education,” Rhodes said.

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