Testing FAQ

Where are the tests given?

The Testing Center administers all assessment tests. The Center is located in Building A. If you have any questions call 281.756.3531 or 281.756.3526.

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What do I need to bring with me?

  • 2 forms of identification (one must include a photo)
  • Social Security Card
  • Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) certificate
  • #2 pencils

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What is the purpose of placement testing?

The placement test is a series of basic skills assessments completed on a computer. The tests are designed to measure current skills in reading, writing, and math. This assessment allows you and the ACC staff to work together to help you succeed in your courses. Test scores indicate areas where you may need help and which courses might be a starting point for your educational career. Contact the Testing Center in advance if you have any questions or need accommodations for the test.

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Which students need placement testing?

Any student completing an application for admission to Alvin Community College is required to participate in testing or present an official copy of current TSI test results administered at another college.

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Which tests are offered by Alvin Community College?

The TSI Assessment is the only exam authorized by the State.

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Is there a testing fee?

TSI Assessment Registration Fee $39

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How do I arrange for testing?

To register for the TSI Assessment, please follow these steps:

  1. Submit an Application for Admission to ACC.
  2. Meet with an Advisor in the Advising Office if you have questions regarding exemptions.
  3. Take the Pre-Assessment Activity at http://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/Alvin-Community-College
  4. Go online to College website home page at www.alvincollege.edu and click on Test Registration under Quick Links and register yourself using a credit card. Note: You must have a college application on file for at least 24 hours before registering for a test and must use the exact email as on your application.

All tests are given in the Testing Center. Call 281.756.3531 or 281-756-3526 to review options and test dates.

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What will I be tested on?

The tests focus on reading, writing, and math skills. Mathematics covers a variety of items from pre-algebra to geometry to advanced mathematics. You will be asked to select a correct answer from a list of choices. Reading allows the student to select the main idea of the passage and measures vocabulary and comprehension skills. Writing passage allows the student to edit text that has a variety of "problems." Writing skills include grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, as well as strategy, organization and style in effective writing. An essay is also required.

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What should I do to prepare for testing?

Prior to testing, you are required by the State of Texas to take a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). You will need to present your PAA Certificate in order to test.

Other information is available by clicking the following links:

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What if I fail the test?

The tests were developed to assist in college academic advising and course selection. The results will help you choose courses and make appropriate career decisions. In other words, your scores will indicate where your academic strengths and needs lie in relation to college level work for your chosen major. Should you require assistance in meeting academic challenges, our campuses offer tutoring as well as courses in math, reading, study skills and English.

Test results are scored as follows:
TSI Complete - all sections passed 
TSI Incomplete - developmental education required until developmental sequence is completed
TSI Waived - certificate plan on file, developmental education required as course pre-requisite only

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How do I find out my results?

Some essay results may take 24 hours.
Results are usually available in Testing Center immediately.

However, students are welcome to come to the Testing Center to pick up a copy of their scores and course recommendations. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) does not permit giving scores over the telephone.  This information is also available during the mandatory Academic Advising session.

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Once I finish testing, then what?

Once you have completed the required testing, you will meet with an Academic Advisor. Appointments are not required and students are seen on a first come, first served basis.

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Do you have any tips?

  • Relax! The tests are designed to help you succeed in college. Once you identify your academic strengths and weaknesses, you can select the right courses and get the help you need to improve any underdeveloped skills.
  • Arriving a few minutes early so that you can locate the assessment area, rest rooms and "gather your thoughts" before testing.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand. Campus staff are available to assist you!
  • Pace yourself.
  • Read each question carefully until you understand what the question is asking.
  • Try to respond to all the items presented to you, even if you are not certain of the answers.

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