SAS New Students

New Students

Individuals who need accommodation for any part of the College admission and assessment process should contact Student Accessibility Services directly. Prospective Students requesting accommodation should follow the general guidelines below.

Requests for services and the submission of disability related documentation for review can be done at any time during the year; however, requests for accommodation may take up to 2-3 weeks to review. Please note during peak registration times, it may take 3-4 weeks. 

Students requesting books on tape, alternative seating/furniture, use of special equipment/software, captioning, and interpreters must request these services at the time of course registration or 3-4 weeks prior to the anticipated need. Students who require the mobility assistance or utilize a service animal are encouraged notify SAS at time of course registration or 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Temporary Accommodations

Students who have sustained a temporary injury or been diagnosed with a medical condition (not expected to last longer than 6 months) that substantially limits a major life activity, may qualify for short-term accommodations through SAS for up to one semester at a time. Students need to contact the SAS office and complete the intake process in order to request services.

Request for Services

To request academic accommodations, new students should

1. Complete the Request for Services/Intake Form. 

Students who complete Intake Forms but do not provide documentation or complete the intake process are not eligible to receive accommodations. In such cases, Student Accessibility Services will make a reasonable effort to contact the student. If the student does not respond within thirty days or chooses not to complete the process, the student’s disability information will not be retained.

2. Submit the appropriate documentation.

An educational, medical and/or a psychological diagnostic evaluation report is required as part of this application. The documentation must be current. It must a well-written report with an interpretive summary based on a comprehensive evaluation that provides evidence of your disability and its limitations to your mobility and/or academic performance. The evaluation must be conducted by a qualified professional with comprehensive training and relevant experience related to your diagnosis. (see Documentation Guidelines on the left)

3. Complete an Intake Interview.

The Intake interview or initial meeting includes a brief review of the submitted documentation and request for academic accommodations, as well as a review of the student’s educational goals and the academic program. This meeting can take place in-person, virtually, or via phone. SAS Staff will notify you via email to schedule an appointment once intake forms and documentation have been received.

All correspondence and documentation can be submitted in-person to Alvin Community College Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Building A, via email to or by fax 281-756-5760.

Admission and Assessment of Prospective Students

Individuals requesting accommodations should contact Student Accessibility Services to schedule an appointment in advance of his/her admissions and assessment appointments. Additionally, individuals who require interpretive services are recommended to make his/her request at least 72 hours in advance of admission and assessment appointments to ensure accommodation. Requests for interpreting services made less than 72 hours in advance cannot be guaranteed.

Individuals with disabilities are expected to follow the established admissions requirements, including those for placement assessments. After completing the College’s admission application and prior to completing the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), students needing accommodation related to visual impairment for the assessment should provide proper documentation to Student Accessibility Services. SAS Staff will determine appropriate accommodation and advise Testing personnel. Alvin Community College Testing Center has established guidelines for assessment and all policies regarding the College’s assessment process will be applied to all students, regardless of ability.