RAVE Alert System Employees and Students

RAVE Alert System – Employees and Students


RAVE is a critical information management system used by the college. This system will send notifications to registered home telephones, mobile phones (both voice & text messages), and email addresses regarding emergency situations on or off campus. This includes alerts for school closings and school re-openings due to inclement weather.

ACC employees are automatically registered in the Rave Alert system when they are hired on and processed through the Human Resources department.

ACC students are automatically registered in the Rave Alert system when they complete class registration.

ACC community members and parents can register below.

Important: If you change any contact information such as your home or mobile phone numbers and/or email address please make sure you go through the appropriate departments to update the information on file with the college.

  • Employees - provide new information to Human Resources.
  • Students - provide new information to the Admissions Office personnel.

The RAVE Alert system information is automatically updated nightly, therefore once you have provided the new information it will be updated within the RAVE system the next day. This will ensure that you are notified in the event of a campus or community emergency that impacts the college.

Community Members & Parents:

We would like to invite our community members and parents to join the RAVE Alert System for the Alvin Community College. The RAVE Alert System is used by the Alvin Community College to notify Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and community partners of emergencies, schools closings or special events that will affect the college or possibly our community.

To register click the link below, fill in the blanks pertaining to name, email, and telephone number in which you would like to receive the alert. Once this is done go to the “proceed to next step at the bottom left side of the screen and follow the remaining steps to complete the registration. Keep in mind, it will not let you proceed unless you complete the required information”. [Register Here]