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Humankind has been engineering since before we could write. From defensive walls to aqueducts to stadiums to modern computer-aided design (CAD) projects, engineers are often at the forefront of conceiving, building, maintaining, and salvaging the world around us. Using up-to date software to gain fundamental and practical engineering knowledge, students will explore real life engineering problems and use engineering tools and concepts to solve them. Using up-to-date hardware and software, students will learn programming, graphic design, mechanics, and electrical circuits and leave ACC well grounded to pursue any number of Engineering paths be it mechanical, electrical,
industrial, or design.

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Career Opportunities

Annual salaries can be as high as $208,000 and as low as $58,562, the majority of Engineering salaries currently range between $58,562 (mean entry-level salary for geospatial science and technology engineers) to $86,034 (mean entry-level salary for aerospace engineers) with top earners (mean annual salary for computer engineers) making $136,230 annually across the United States. ACC Engineering A.S. graduates will be ready to pursue a path into any engineering program they set their sights on and our committed and experienced faculty stands ready to guide them into this exciting life-long career.

What Will I Study?

The ACC Engineering A.S. program provides extensive hands-on training. Courses within the program include basic principles of engineering, the fundamentals of engineering programming, a thorough examination of elementary engineering mechanics, as well as a grounding in electrical circuits. This well-rounded education provides students with many opportunities and the necessary qualifications as junior engineers and transfer applicants for B.S. programs in the field of Engineering most attractive to them. 

Curriculum Guide - Engineering - A.S. Degree

Approximate costs for the A.S. Degree program including tuition and fees are $4,200 for in-district students, $6,960 for students out-of-district, and $9,840 for non-residents. Additional fees for books and supplies may vary. 

*Alvin Community College may change tuition rates and other fees without notice or when directed by the Board of Regents.

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