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Get Started in Mathematics, a Versatile and High-Paying Career Field

Humans use some form of math in almost everything we do. From balancing our finances, telling time, using computers and mobile devices, to constructing new buildings, math is the building block for many of the products and institutions that we rely on for daily living. A Mathematics degree can set you on a path to a broad range of careers in a wide variety of industries including business, healthcare, government, education, finance, insurance, and more.

The Associate in Science Degree (A.S.) in Mathematics is a two-year program designed to prepare you for transfer to a four-year college or university. Starting your education at ACC is a wise investment that will allow you to obtain an Associate’s degree and save thousands of dollars in educational costs.  

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Career Opportunities

Although this associate degree program does not prepare you for direct entry into a mathematics career field, a number of entry level positions may be available including:

  • Billing Clerk
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Math Tutor or Teaching Assistant
  • and more! 

A Bachelor’s or advanced degree can lead to careers such as: 

  • Mathematician
  • Scientist
  • Professor
  • Actuary
  • Engineer (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, etc.)

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for Mathematicians and Statisticians is expected to grow by 33% through 2026, much faster than average for all careers. For more information on career opportunities in mathematics, please visit Career Coach where you can explore the local job market, take a career assessment, and build a resumé.

What Will I Study?

Math degree students will take the algebra path through to calculus and science courses. Along the way, you will learn how to predict and model changing conditions in a variety of topics. These courses will increase critical thinking skills and math reasoning skills. Additionally, students will complete the core curriculum of the college. This block of courses will transfer to any institution in Texas.

Upon completion of the Mathematics Associate of Science degree, you will have the opportunity to continue your education at a major university. The degree will enable you to plan your course work to complete the required prerequisites for your intended major. In addition, the program is flexible enough to allow you to use your A.S. in Mathematics to earn a four-year degree in math or in such diverse fields as: 

  • Architecture
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Nursing
  • Physics

Curriculum Guide - Mathematics - A.S. Degree

First Year

First Semester

  • American History 3 Course Credits +
  • ENGL 1301 - Composition I 3 Course Credits +
  • PSYC 1300 - Learning Framework 3 Course Credits +
  • MATH 2413 - Calculus I 4 Course Credits +

Semester Credits: 13

Second Semester

  • American History 3 Course Credits +
  • ENGL 1302 - Composition II 3 Course Credits +
  • GOVT 2305 - Federal Government 3 Course Credits +
  • MATH 2414 - Calculus II 4 Course Credits +

Semester Credits: 13

Third Semester

  • Elective - Select from Academic College Level Course(s) 3 Course Credits
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences 3 Course Credits +

Semester Credits: 6

Second Year

First Semester

  • Component Area Options - Group 1 3 Course Credits +
  • GOVT 2306 - Texas Government 3 Course Credits +
  • Life and Physical Sciences 3 Course Credits +
  • MATH 2415 - Calculus III 4 Course Credits

Semester Credits: 13

Second Semester

  • Creative Arts 3 Course Credits +
  • Language, Philosophy and Culture 3 Course Credits +
  • Life and Physical Sciences 3 Course Credits +
  • MATH 2318 - Linear Algebra 3 Course Credits

Semester Credits: 12

Third Semester

  • MATH 2320 - Differential Equations 3 Course Credits

Semester Credits: 3

Total Minimum Credits Required for Mathematics Degree: 60

+ Denotes core requirement. Speak with Department Chair or Pathways Advisor for proper course selection.

*How Much Will the Program Cost?

Yearly costs for the A.S. Degree program including tuition and fees are approximately $4,200 for in-district students, $6,960 for students out-of-district, and $9,840 for non-residents. Additional fees for books and supplies will vary.

For more information on education costs, payment options, payment plans, deadlines and more, visit our Tuition and Fees section.

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.  For more information, visit our Financial Aid section.

*Alvin Community College may change tuition rates and other fees without notice or when so directed by the Board of Regents.


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