Success Through Engaged Advising (QEP)

Meet Your Advising Team

Pathways Success Coach (PSC) 
(coming soon)

The PSC start students’ journey by conducting a Career Coach assessment to help determine interests and skills. They help students find a matching program at ACC, assist with admissions, and get students started on a chosen path.


Staff Pathways Advisor (SPA)

The SPA is a professional staff academic advisor with expertise in the specific majors and goals withing a pathway. SPAs help students complete an educational plan and provide guidance in the progress along a career path.


Pathways Faculty Mentor (PFM)

The PFM is a faculty member within a career pathway who will serve as a success resource. PFMs will provide Pathways Mentorship Experiences such as career conferences, lunch and learn sessions, or seminars to guide students to achieve success during and after their ACC experience.