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Overview & Guidelines of ACC College Logos & Seal

Options for use of logos and seal are explained below. Please note: Logos must not be "stretched," distorted, or printed in a pixilated form.

The College Logo

The Alvin Community College (ACC) logo is academic, balanced and typographic. It uses a stylized A for a distinguished look. A rising arc suggests a lifting. or upward motion. The letters are in a pleasant arrangement. The “CC” is slightly smaller for a visual balance which favors the A. The ACC logo’s shape should never be altered for any use.

Because spatial relationships are compromised at smaller sizes (in printing for example), a second version is available. (See fig. 1 & 2.) The appropriate logo should always be reproduced from digital artwork supplied by ACC’s Graphic & Printing Services Department. The stylized A should never be used alone, i.e., the A is NOT the logo. The complete logo uses all three letters: ACC.

Because Alvin Community College would like to be recognized by the name “ACC,” it may help the community to begin the association by supporting the logo. Our long-term vision is such that as the logo becomes recognized, it can begin to stand alone.

Correct Usage

The logo conveys the College's public image, and should be used on all official publications, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, certificates, brochures, and other printed pieces. The logo should also be on the College website, power point presentations, surveys, video, and T-shirts. The design should consist of the entire logo every time the design is printed, and not separated into component parts, altered in proportion, or printed in color combinations other than those outlined in this guide. Only electronic or camera-ready versions produced in the Printing & Graphic Services Department are appropriate for use.

Incorrect Usage

Redrawing, tracing, scanning, or using photocopies results in a distortion and a loss of quality. Do not use design features such as: screening, proportioning, rotating, or including the logo as part of a pattern or larger image. Such uses diminish the visual strength and undermine the goal of creating our strong image.
The logo should never be altered to fit into a space or manipulated in a way that counters legibility. Any special applications should be approved by the ACC Marketing and Communications Department.

Print & Digital Color Palettes
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ACC Brand Font Samples
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Photo Library and Image Standards
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