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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Alvin Community College recognizes the benefits of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) in helping students reach their goals in a more efficient way. Additionally, the College is cognizant of the diverse ways in which students obtain knowledge and skills outside of the traditional classroom setting. The primary goal of PLA is to evaluate a student's knowledge and skill-set to be awarded college credit through alternative pathways such as national and local examinations, industry certifications and work experience, military training, articulation agreements and non-credit mirror course conversion. 

Texas Certified Peace Officers are eligible for up to 24 hours credit towards the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement and Police Administration Associate of Applied Science Degree Program.  Credit will be for specific course equivalents based upon Texas Commission on Law Enforcement certification levels.

  Hours Years Course Hours
Basic Certification 643 1 CJLE 1506 Basic Peace Officer I 5
      CJLE 1512 Basic Peace Officer II 5
      CJLE 1518 Basic Peace Officer III 5

Students receiving credit for CJLE 1506, 1512, or 1518 or their transferred equivalent will not be eligible for additional credit.

Students already receiving prior learning experience for the police academy or basic TCOLE certification will not be eligible to receive credit for both. For example, if a student attended a non-academic police academy and received 6 hours credit from another community college, the student would be eligible to utilize either the six hours awarded by the other community college or the 15 hours awarded for his basic certificate here at ACC, but not both.

  Hours Years Course Hours
Intermediate 400 8 CJSA 2364 Practicum 3
Advanced  400   12 CJSA 2365 Practicum 3
 Masters 400   20 CJLE 1327 Interviewing and Report Writing 3

To receive he credit you must be currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement and Police Administration Associate of Applied Science Degree Program, make application with the college, and pay the required fees. 

If you have any questions about Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), visit with an ACC Advisor or the College and Career Pathways Office, A227, phone 281-756-3746.


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