Donor Scholarships

Donor scholarships include memorial scholarships, civic club scholarships, and other privately funded scholarships. Listed are some of the scholarships available. Other scholarships from outside sources are available to ACC students. For further information concerning all scholarships, inquire at the Financial Aid Office.

This list is only a sample of what has been available. When the scholarships become available, the application will be linked:

    ACC Association of Educational Office Professionals Scholarship
    ACC Alumni Scholarship
    Aerospace Tech/Rockwell Space Operations
    Alvin Noon Lions Club Scholarship
    AMOCO Scholarship
    Ben Cross Memorial Scholarship
    Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship
    Jean Withrow Memorial Nursing Scholarship
    Kiwanis Club Nursing Scholarship
    M. B. Ward Scholarship (for Alvin High School Students)
    Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship
    Pan American College Forum Neal Nelson Memorial Scholarship
    Paul Lawson Scholarship (Drama)
    Rev David Garcia Scholarship
    Rotary Club Scholarship (Alvin Rotary)