Neurodiagnostic Technology (NDT)

Program Costs

Associate of Applied Science in Neurodiagnostic Technology
Semester Tuition*
In/Out of District

In/Out of District

Prerequisites $658.00/$1316.00  $343.00 $1001.00/$1659.00
Fall $564.00/$1128.00  $459.00 $1023.00/$1587.00
Spring $611.00/$1222.00  $366.00 $977.00/$1588.00
Summer $470.00/$940.00  $369.00 $839.00/$1309.00
Fall $517.00/$1034.00  $343.00 $860.00/$1377.00
TOTAL $4700.00/$7520.00
Advanced Technical Certificate in Neurodiagnostic Technology
 Semester  Tuition*
In/Out of District
 Fees+  Total
In/Out of District
 Fall $423.00/$846.00  $328.00 $751.00/$1174.00
 Spring $329.00/$658.00  $315.00 $644.00/$973.00
 Summer $470.00/$940.000  $369.00 $839.00/$1309.00
Fall  $517.00/$1034.00 $343.00 $860.00/$1377.00
TOTAL $3094.00/$4833.00 


Health Portal (Viewpoint Screening) $90.00
CPR American Heart Association for Basic Life Support (BLS) $70.00
Malpractice Insurance ($17.00/yr) $34.00
Physical Exam immunizations (TB Test, Hepatitis Vaccine, etc.) $100-$200
Scrubs, Lab coat, etc. $95.00
Campus Parking Fee ($20.00/yr) $40.00
TB Test (for second-year) $20.00
Diploma Fee $35.00
Graduation Cap and Gown $30.00
Various Seminars throughout the Year $20-$50/ea
Parking in Medical Center for Clinical
(approx. total -$12.00/day x 112 days)
National Board Exams
ABRET National Boards (American Board of Registry of
Electroencephalography and Evoked Potential Technologists) 

*Based on prescribed curriculum sequence and current tuition rates.
+Fees: Includes lab fees for science and neurodiagnostic technology courses.

These are approximate costs and are subject to change without notice!


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