Respiratory Care - A.A.S. Degree

Program Costs

Associate of Applied Science in Respiratory Care
Semester Tuition*
In/Out of District
Fees+ Textbooks

In/Out of District

Prerequisites $717.00/$1212.00 $40.00 $375.00 $1132.00/$1627.00
Fall $767.00/$1307.00 $144.00 $251.30 $1162.30/$1702.30
Spring $867.00/$1497.00 $60.00 $312.65 $1239.65/$1869.65
Summer $546.00/$906.00 $150.00 $79.00 $775.00/$1135.00
Fall $817.00/$1402.00 $254.00 $319.40 $1390.40/$1975.40
Spring $567.00/$927.00 $445.00 $165.00 $1177.00/$1537.00
TOTAL $6876.35/$9846.35


Additional Costs
Student Supply Kit (with stethoscope) $189.00
Student Supply Kit (without stethoscope) $159.50
Background Check $48.50
Drug Screen $40.18
Malpractice Insurance ($9.00/semester) $45.00
Physical Exam (TB test, Hepatitis Vaccine) $100-$200.00
Scrubs, etc. $95.00
Embroidery for Scrub Tops $10.00/ea
Parking Fee ($15.00/yr) $30.00
TB Test (for second-year) $15.00
TSRC District Meeting (in September) $40.00
Diploma Fee $35.00
Graduation Cap and Gown $30.00
DataARC Fee (in course fees) $65.00
Various Seminars throughout the Year $20.00-50.00/ea
Kettering Seminar (in course fees) $285.00
PALS and NRP Exam (in course fees) $140.00
Optional Costs
TSRC Membership ($15.00 renewal)
AARC Membership ($40.00 renewal)
 Free to current students
National Board Exams (must take both)
Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination (TMC) $190.00
Clinical Simulations $200.00

*Based on prescribed curriculum sequence and current tuition rates.
+Fees: Includes lab fees for science and respiratory care courses.

These are approximate costs and are subject to change without notice!

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