Respiratory Care - A.A.S. Degree

Technical Standards 

The Respiratory Care Program requires agility and strength sufficient to move from room to room, lift and position patients, maneuver in small places, and perform clinical services. Students must possess gross and fine motor abilities as well as auditory, visual, and tactile acuity, which are required to assess health status and perform effective patient care. To achieve the necessary requirements for issuance of an Associate in Applied Science degree in Respiratory Care, the graduate must meet technical skills with or without reasonable accommodations. Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations must register with the Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) by emailing or calling 281-756-5701. Faculty are not able to provide accommodations without approved documentation from the Office of Student Accessibility Services. You must meet the following requirements to ensure patient safety during your time in the program and while working as a respiratory therapist.

Physical Requirements


Lift patients and/or objects of 35 pounds or more

Stand for prolong periods of time

Push/Pull wheeled equipment from room to room; push down with force to perform CPR.

Stoop to adjust equipment

Kneel to manipulate equipment and/or plug in equipment; perform CPR

Reach- overhead lights, equipment, cabinets, attach oxygen to outlets;

Climb stairs to respond quickly to an emergency when elevators are unavailable or full.

Walk quickly or run to respond to emergency calls or assist in transports of critically ill patients

Respond to verbal directions, alarms, hear lung sounds, heart sounds, and blood pressure:

Assess patient conditions such as skin color, respiratory effort, read small print, and calibrate equipment.

Utilize motor skills/manual dexterity to manipulate equipment, apply sterile gloves, operate computers, perform CPR, utilize syringes, tubes, catheters, palpate pulses; assess skin temperature


Communication Requirements


Effectively communicate verbally to patients and coworkers

Document clearly and succinctly in patients’ medical record

Function safely, effectively and calmly under stressful situations

Utilize technology by way of various software and apps to complete assigned tasks.

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