Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Important Application Information

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic courses are offered on the Main Campus in Alvin each Fall and Spring. Applications for Fall 2024 are open from February 1, 2024 through March 15, 2024!

Advanced EMT courses are offered each Spring and Summer. Click here to apply for Summer 2024

Paramedic courses are offered each Fall. Click here to apply for Fall 2024

NEW! Critical Care/Flight Paramedic - Click here to apply for Summer 2024!  

NEW! Emergency Medical Technician - Basic - This new summer course will be offered at the new West Campus Expansion, located on Magnolia Parkway in ManvelClick here to apply for Summer 2024!

Applicants who miss the deadline for their chosen semester should contact the program director at bayres@alvincollege.edu. Late applications are not guaranteed admission for their chosen semester. Late acceptance is subject to late tuition fees.