ACC Foundation

ACC Foundation 2019-2021 Board

Since its inception in 1974, the ACC Foundation has been governed by a volunteer board consisting of residents from the community. In addition to overseeing investments, the board functions to administer scholarships, determine enrichment projects and select award recipients.


Shirley Brothers

Chad Dudley

Dr. Robert Exley

Joel Marin

Wendy Del Bello
Executive Director

Jody Droege
David Jircik



Michele Adams

Shirley Brothers

Brenda Brown

Deloris McKenzie Calhoun

Mary Ellen Carrillo

Donna Coneley

Dr. Debra Fontenot

Richard "Jay" Hawkins

Terri Helpenstill

Barbara Lewis

Ann McGilvray

Sheila Olson

Julie Pyburn

Yvette Reyes-Hall

Matt Rickaway

Brenda Schibi

Jarrod Smith

Freddie Thompson

Fernando Valdes

Cathie Woitena

If you need more information on applying for a scholarship, creating an endowment or scholarship or donating to the ACC Foundation, please see the contact information below.