ACC Foundation

Welcome to the Alvin Community College Foundation website!

The ACC Foundation raises money throughout the year to support the students of ACC in their journey to achieve their dreams through education.

Through fundraising events, donors and supporters, the Foundation is able to support the college and its students in many ways.

  • Over $100,000 in scholarships are given out each year to incoming seniors, as well as current ACC students in need of tuition assistance.
  • Innovative Grants are given to ACC faculty and staff who have created innovative new approaches to improve instruction or the overall student experience at ACC.
  • Emergency Assistance is given year-round to students who have dire unexpected emergencies that hinder their ability to stay in school.
  • Excellence Awards are awarded to faculty and staff, nominated by their peers, for going above and beyond in the classroom and community.
  • Adopt-a-Grants are sold to help raise money for campus programs or activities that are in need of extra support.
  • First Step Awards are given to all of those taking a college course for the very first time to help them take that first step.

These are just a few of the things the ACC Foundation does every year to help ensure the students of ACC get a quality education and a chance to pursue personal and intellectual growth, as well as a secure and successful future.