Dr. Kevin Moody
Department Chair/Instructor 
Alvin Campus, B-111
Phone: 281-756-3587
Email: kmoody@alvincollege.edu

Chris Tennison
Theatre Director/Instructor 
Alvin Campus, B-236 
Phone: 281-756-3607
Email: ctennison@alvincollege.edu 

Chris received his BA in Theatre from The University of St. Thomas, and an MFA from The University of Arkansas.  In addition, he has worked all over the country as a professional actor, director, educator, and artist and arts advocate. He has served as Artistic Director for Town Centre Theatre in The Woodlands, and as Associate Artistic Director / Head of Academy for Trike.  In addition, Chris helped found Nobookbans.com, a national advocacy organization working to prevent the banning of books and plays, and is also an active member of TYA/USA.


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