Clinical Medical Assistant ( CMA)

Become a Clinical Medical Assistant to Work Alongside MDs, PAs, and NPs

The Clinical Medical Assistant Program is a comprehensive course that will teach students the knowledge and skills to assist a physician in various aspects of health care. CMAs assist with medical procedures, perform basic lab tests, administer medications, implement treatments, and explain basic care to patients.

Classes are held in the evenings.

ACC’s Clinical Medical Assistant program offers a comprehensive learning experience through classroom instruction followed by an off-site externship. Designed for busy adults, classes are held in the evenings or on Saturdays.

Program Description

ACC's Clinical Medical Assistant program offers a comprehensive learning experience through classroom instruction followed by an off-site externship.  Designed for busy adults, classes are held in the evenings or on Saturdays.

The CMA program includes 144 hours of classroom lecture.  General topics in the program include: 

  • basic anatomy and physiology;
  • medical terminology; 
  • basic medical diseases, proper communication, documentation &
  • procedures for working with patients; 
  • wound care; 
  • basic first aid; 
  • specimen collection; 
  • basic pharmacology and medication administration; 
  • basic patient education protocol; 
  • how to obtain an EKG; 
  • customer service and resume writing

Admission Requirements

The ACC CMA program is open to any person at least 18-years-old at the start of the course, along with the following requirements:  

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be able to effectively communicate orally and in-writing with English
  • Have a basic understanding of computers and access to email
  • Be physically able to stand for prolonged periods and maneuver in limited spaces
  • Visit the  CEWD Healthcare page for the Viewpoint Screeningand the application process, which will require:
    • Pass a criminal background check
    • Be current in health care vaccinations
    • CEWD Physical form completed
    • Have a current CPR/BLS certification
    • Read and understand HB1508 requirements for the licensing path  

Upon completion of Viewpoint Screening, student will complete registration form either in-person (H103) or via email (  Payment in full is due at the time of registration.  


Required Courses and Course Descriptions

Students will learn how to assist with routine and specialty office examinations. Students will learn the skills needed in the clinical medical assisting profession including, patient rooming, vital signs, collecting and testing specimen, EKG, proper techniques and safety concepts when administering oral and injectable medications, and the daily operations of the medical office. Must enroll simultaneously in CEMDCA 1013 Medical Terminology Internet course. Must pass both CEMDCA 1017 and CEMDCA 1013 with a grade of 75 or higher to enroll in CEMDCA 1060 (Externship course).

Online Medical Terminology class will include the study and practical application of a medical vocabulary system. This course will also cover essential anatomy to give the student a better understanding of the terminology they are learning. It will include body systems, structure, recognition, analysis, definition, spelling, pronunciation, and medical terms from prefixes, suffixes, roots and combining forms. Prerequisites: Medical Terminology course is required for either the Medical Administrative Assistant program or the Clinical Medical Assistant program. HS diploma/GED transcript. TEXTBOOK REQUIRED.

Some externship sites may require Drug Screens, an additional Background Check or preparation prior to externship at their facility. The student will be responsible for these costs associated with the externship requirements and are not included in the current externship tuition because the requirements will differ from site to site. 

After successfully passing the classroom component of the two courses, students will be assigned to an externship site to complete 160 hours working along side a practicing medical assistant or nurse to hone new found skills.  Student work with the instructor for proper placement at a location preferable to the student when possible. Upon successful completion of the CMA program, students may take the NCMA Exam to become a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant. Students must register and pass two courses prior to registering for the Externship. All courses must be completed with a grade of 75% or higher to receive a certificate.


Upcoming Classes

Course Name Dates Time Days Location Instructor
Term 1:
CEMDCA 1017 60 8/23/2021 - 12/7/2021 6:00 PM - 9:10 PM MT  H108  S. Archer 
CEMDCA 1013 IN01 8/23/2021 - 12/10/2021 TBA  TBA  TBA  S. Nelson
Term 2:          
CEMDCA 1060 Spring 2022 TBA      

Term 1: Tuition IN: $2,100 | Tuition OD: $2,170 | Fees: $97.60
Term 2: (Approximate) Tuition IN: $1,550 | Tuition OD: $1,585 | Fees: $53.60 

Costs does not include Viewpoint Screening, physical exam, books, licensing exam, supplies or scrubs.  Tuition and fees are subject to change.