Medical Office Billing and Coding

Medical Office Billing and Coding


The Medical Office Billing and Coding is an online program. The program will prepare students to work in a medical office setting and provide the skills and knowledge necessary for a more advanced medical records career. This program consist of four courses and will prepare one for the CPC Certification.


Required Courses and Descriptions:

Online Medical Terminology class will include the study and practical application of a medical vocabulary system. This course will also cover essential anatomy to give the student a better understanding of the terminology they are learning. It will include body systems, structure, recognition, analysis, definition, spelling, pronunciation, and medical terms from prefixes, suffixes, roots and combining forms. Prerequisites: HS diploma/GED transcript. TEXTBOOK REQUIRED. Must enroll concurrently in CEPOFM 1027 (Medical Insurance)

Survey of medical insurance including the life cycle of various claim forms, terminology, patient relations, and legal and ethical issues. Must enroll concurrently in CEHITT 1005 (Medical Terminology). Must pass CEHITT 1005 and CEPOFM 1027 with a grade of 75 or better to continue in program. TEXTBOOK REQUIRED.

Medical Administrative Support is an online course that will provide training in medical office procedures including appointment scheduling, medical records creation and maintenance, telephone communication, professionalism, coding, billing, collecting, third-party reimbursement, and application of governmental health care guidelines. Prerequisites: Must pass CEHITT 1005 and CEPOFM 1027 with a grade of 75 or better to enroll.


Upcoming Courses

Course Course Name Dates Days Instructor

CEHITT 1005 IN01

CEHITT 1005 IN03

Medical Terminology


1/16/24 -5/10/24

3/18/24 - 5/10/24

ONLINE S. Nelson

CEPOFM 1027 IN01

CEPOFM 1027 IN03

Medical Insurance and Billing

1/16/24 -5/10/24

3/18/24 - 5/10/24


CEPOFM 1017 IN01

CEPOFM 1017 01

Medical Admin Support

1/16/24 - 5/10/24

5/13/24 - 8/9/24


C. Bell



The approximate cost of the ACC Medical Office Billing and Coding Program is $1,955. This does not include fees or books. Approximate costs are calculated using in-district tuition rates. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.