Student Expenses

Estimate Student Expenses

The following figures are estimates based on prior years. Tuition and fees are subject to college board and legislative adjustments. Tuition is based on nonresident status for 12 semester hours (four courses per semester). It is recommended that students have at least $7,000 (U.S.) upon arrival in Alvin for registration and initial living expenses. An additional $2,500 will be required for each dependent.


Estimated Expenses for one year (two semesters):

Room & Board $7,680 U.S.
*Tuition & Fees $4,724 U.S.
Medical Insurance $ 700 U.S.
Books $1,778 U.S.
Personal Expenses/Transportation $4,447 U.S.
Total Fall & Spring $19,329 U.S.

*Tuition may be paid by using the ACC Payment Plan option, or may be paid in full by cash, money order, check or credit card at the time of registration.