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Openstax by Rice University

Ep. 1 What is this Openstax and how do I get to it?

Ep. 2 How does OpenStax work?


American Antiquarian Society's (AAS) Video Series of historical databases filled with original documents!

Episode 1, What is it and how does it work?

Episode 2, How do I get to it and how do I search it?

Episode 3, I’ve searched, now what is this page of results all about?

Episode 4, What are the essential parts of an article’s page?

Episode 5, How do I work with these scanned articles?

Episode 6, How do I download articles and save citations?


Academic Search Complete

Episode 1, What is it? How do I get to it? 

Episode 2, What do I do with it and how do I search it?

Episode 3, What are some tips and tricks to help me maximize my time?


The Credo Reference Collection Video Series

13 episodes to help navigate this great resource

Introduction to the Credo Reference Collection Video Series

What is it?

How do I get to it?

What do I do with it?

Elements of the Main page!

The Mind Map!

How do I search quickly and efficiently?

How do I refine my search results?

Looking at the elements of one article!

How do I save articles for download?

How do I open downloaded articles and work with them in Notepad and Word?

How do I use the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)?

How do I cite and format citations on my work cited page?


EBSCO Discovery Service via TexShare

Ebsco Discovery Service via TexShare


EBSCOhost Research Database Tutorials

Citing Articles on EBSCOhost – Tutorial   Time: 1:51

EBSCO Discovery Service - Improving Your Search Results – Tutorial  Time: 3:13

EBSCO Discovery Service Research Starters – Tutorial  Time: 1:59

EBSCOhost Basic Search – Tutorial   Time: 1:57

EBSCOhost Advanced Searching – Tutorial   Time: 2:38

Finding Reliable Library Resources with EBSCO Discovery Service  Time: 2:45

Reading an Article on EBSCOhost – Tutorial    Time: 2:07


EBSCO E-Books Collection

Searching EBSCO eBooks – Tutorial   Time: 1:35

Downloading EBSCO eBooks – Tutorial  Time: 3:17


EBSCO Health Tutorials

CINAHL Databases - Basic Searching Tutorial   Time: 3:18

CINAHL Databases - Advanced Searching Tutorial   Time: 3:45

MEDLINE Complete – Tutorial  Time: 3:03


How can I pick the right database to search in?

The Best Database for Me, Ep.1 "Why are there so many?" 

The Best Database for Me, Ep.2 "How do I choose the right database?"


How can I search for and find images and videos in the Ebsco databases?

How can I search for and find images and videos in the Ebsco databases? Ep.1


New Ebsco E-book Content: Temporary Access

High School Collection (*12,100 e-books)

Education Collection (*4,300 e-books)

Academic Collection (* 201,500 e-books)

Business Collection (*21,200 e-books)

History Collection (*18,700 e-books)


Literary Reference Center Video Series

Literary Reference Center Ep. 1 What is it, what is for and how does it work?

Literary Reference Center Ep. 2 What are these elements of the search page?

Literary Reference Center Ep. 3 How do I use the search functions?

Literary Reference Center Ep. 4 How do I work with these articles?


Newswires Database by Ebsco

Newswires Ep. 1


Opposing Viewpoints Video Series

Opposing Viewpoints Ep.1 "What is it and How do I access it?"

Opposing Viewpoints Ep.2 "What is on the Homepage?"

Opposing Viewpoints Ep.3 "How do I search this resource?"

Opposing Viewpoints Ep.4 "What's on results page and what are its elements?"

Opposing Viewpoints Ep.5 "What are the important elements of an article?"

Opposing Viewpoints Ep.6 "How do I download and email, format citations and other useful tips?"


Proquest Databases Instructional Videos  (17 episodes)

How-to Video Series


The Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Video Series

Episode 1 What is it and how does it work?

Episode 2 How do I search, save and cite?


Classic and Vintage Videos

These short training videos provide detailed explanations for how to search efficiently and effectively for your research papers.

How to use the Learning Express database

How to Access the TexShare Databases (4 minutes)

Learn about the Library (15 minutes)

Using the Credo Reference Collection in your search for information

How to search the EBSCO databases through our TexShare Databases link (20 minutes)

Searching all of the Library's resources using the Enterprise Discovery Platform (22 minutes)

Searching OVID - a Database for Nursing Students