TDCJ College Interest

TDCJ Wait-list

Student’s interested in pursuing a college vocation or academic degree must submit an Interest Form. The bottom of the page contains an address to were the potential student can send the form. If a student is selected for a program that is not offered by Alvin Community College (ACC), he will be transferred to a different Unit and contacted by the college who does offer that particular program. We do not know when he will be transferred for that program, so patience is required. After he has been contacted by the college, tuition payment options will be discussed. Please do not reach out to ACC to request information about Financial Aid or completing your FAFSA. Once he is approved for an ACC educational program, we will meet with the student to discuss all payment options.

PreWait-list Information

ACC does not facilitate transcript requests for prospective students from their previous institutions before enrollment. If a prospective student wishes to obtain their transcript from a previous institution before being approved for an ACC program, it is entirely their responsibility to do so. Once approval for an ACC educational program is granted, we will meet with the student to discuss their previous college coursework.

Financial Aid

Please wait to apply for Financial Aid until the student has been accepted into a college program. Click here for Financial Aid information.