TDCJ Graduation

ACC-TDCJ Graduation

TDCJ Graduations are held once a year at each Unit. 

Once a student accumulates a sufficient number of hours towards a degree, he will complete a graduation application with his academic advisor. He will also fill out the invitation request form, which allows him to list two adults that are currently approved for his TDCJ visitation list. 

Diplomas are not given to students on the day of the ceremony. They are printed six to eight weeks after graduation. Graduating students and their visitors must be approved to attend the ceremony by ACC/TDCJ Administration. 

Students may only participate in one scheduled graduation ceremony. If a graduate chooses not to participate or is denied permission to participate in one graduation ceremony, no other opportunity will be afforded. 

Graduation Photos

Photos are taken of each graduate and their guests. If you wish to request a digital copy of your graduate, please fill out the request form. Graduation Pics Request Form (Name, TDCJ#, Unit, Email address)