What is FAST and are you eligible?

The Financial Aid for Swift Transfer (FAST) program allows for public institutions of higher education to offer dual credit courses to educationally disadvantaged students at no cost to these students. 

Student Eligibility

Students are eligible under the FAST program if they meet both requirements listed below

(1) Admitted to a dual credit program and enrolled in an eligible dual credit course at a public school district or charter school.

(2) Qualified for the national free/reduced-price lunch in any of the four school years prior to enrolling in the dual credit course


FAST Frequently Asked Questions

No. The college will verify your eligibility with the state and high school. 

You can check with your high school or the ISD. Students must have national free/reduced-price lunch application submitted to the ISD by October 1 each year to qualify as free/reduced-lunch for that school year. Applications can be accessed through the ISD’s website.

Prior year means any one of the four years before the school year that the student will be taking the Dual Credit course. 

The funding will cover tuition, textbooks, and other fees associated with the course. 

Yes. FAST covers the tuition, textbooks, and course fees. Computer labs and/or access to Wi-Fi can be set up with the high school if needed.


Unfortunately, no. Students must be enrolled in high school in a school district or charter school in Texas.