Dual Enrollment Admission

Enroll in the ACC Dual Enrollment Program


2021-2022 Admission Deadline – April 2, 2021

Dual Enrollment students are students who have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards and the ACC Admission Requirements. Interested students should complete the following steps:
(Download a printable version of the Steps to Enroll)


Complete the ApplyTexas online application. (Use browsers Chrome, Mozilla or the latest version of IE)


Take the TSI Exam or meet a waiver or exemption standard.
Effective, January 11, 2021 the state of Texas will offer TSI 2.0. Test scores and resources are not currently available. Please continue to check here for updates or the DE Announcement page.

Students are encouraged to register for the current TSI Fall 2020 if planning to select a Dual Enrollment college course for the 2021-2022 academic year. Testing may be offered on the high school campus, limited testing is available at ACC and remote testing through Examity is available (students must have a webcam and microphone capabilities on the computer used for testing).

Students should visit with the ACC DE Advisor prior to testing to discuss options and immediately after testing to review test scores.


All test options require students to have a picture ID
(school, passport, driver license)

Visit here to register for testing at ACC or with Examity
Contact the Office of Disability Services prior to registering for the exam if accommodations are required.


TSI Test Prep One-Day Camps

TSI Test Prep One-Day Camps are offered each semester. Visit ACC Marketplace to learn more about upcoming TSI Test Prep dates, prices, and how to register.

Visit with your ACC Dual Enrollment Advisor immediately after testing to review scores and DE course options.



Select a college course for which you qualify during the course selection process. Visit with an ACC DE Advisor if you have questions.


Complete the Early Admission Contract (EAC). Print, complete, and return to your ACC DE Advisor.


Register for Dual Enrollment Orientation when available, to learn more about paying for your college courses, how to purchase your textbooks, and how to access resources for your success!

Paying for Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment courses, taken on the high school campus require payment of tuition and a registration fee each semester (Fall-August; Spring-January; Summer-June). Students enrolling in courses located on the main ACC campus, UHCLP campus, or online will be required to pay In-district tuition and all associated fees. Dual Enrollment students are also required to purchase textbooks. Textbooks may be purchased at the ACC Bookstore.

Most college courses are 3 hours, below represents estimated pricing per district serve for courses taken on the high school campus and/or courses taken on ACC's main and UHCLP campuses. Please refer to the ACC schedule, the MOU, or visit with your ACC DE Advisor to discuss specific pricing for your DE courses.

District Tuition Per Credit Hour Registration Fee
AISD $25.00 per credit hour $30
PISD $47.00 per credit hour $30
DISD $47.00 per credit hour $30
Home School $47.00 per credit hour All Fees
@ ACC/UHCLP $47.00 per credit hour All Fees

Note: AISD Dual Enrollment technical students are only required to pay fees associated with the certification (examples: certification exams, license, malpractice insurances, etc.). Classroom set textbooks are also provided.

ACC Student Email and POD Access

ACC Student Email is the official form of communication. Students can access their email through the POD. Set up ACCess ID in the POD (select the New Accounts Start Here button at the bottom right of the page). View this welcome video to learn how The POD connects you to ACC. If you have questions, visit the ACC Student Technology Resource page for further assistance.

Additional Testing Information

Qualifying scores are required to register for a college course. This chart is subject to change based on State decisions.

Subject TSI Exemptions Waiver College Algebra
Reading 351

SAT (3/5/16 or after)
Reading and Writing (EBRW)-480


ACT- 23 Composite Score
English 19


English III (level 2, score of 4000)

English III (level 2, score of 4000)

English II (level 2, score 4000


ACT - 19

SAT - (3/5/16 or after)-530

TSI - 350 or 340 and High School Pre-Cal with a grade of A or B.

STAAR/EOC- Algebra I (level 2, score of 4000) and 70+ grade in high school Algebra II.

Writing  4+ on Essay and 340+ objective score OR 5+ Essay with 4+ ABE and 310-339 objective score
Math 350

SAT (3/5/16 or after)
Math- 530

ACT-23 Composite Score

Algebra II (level 2, score 4000)

Algebra I (level 2, score of 4000 and 70+ grade in Algebra II.


Testing Notes (Please refer to the announcement page for TSI Updates due to COVID-19)

  • The TSI exam is available at ACC for $39.00 (entire exam) or $15.00 per section. Visit Admissions Office Testing to review test dates and to register.
  • Students must have a picture ID or two forms of identification to test (yearbook picture, school ID, birth certificate, passport, and/or social security card).
  • ADA Accommodations are available for testing. Contact the ACC Office of Disabilities for more information prior to testingClick here for Dual Enrollment ADA Accommodations. Students may also test on their high school campus if it is a TSI testing sight. Visit the high school webpage or your high school counselor for details.
  • All students must take the TSI exam unless they qualify for a waiver or exemption.
  • Students are encouraged to take all 3 sections of the exam but are only required to take the section needed for the course of interest.
  • The Duke Talent ACT is not accepted; unless it has been requested to be part of the student's permanent academic record through ACT.
  • Be sure to meet with ACC Advisor immediately after testing to discuss your score results and options.