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TSIA2 Texas Success Initiative Assessment

Effective January 11, 2021, the TSIA test was replaced with a new version called the TSIA2.  Please view the new TSI Testing information.  For more information, please visit with your ACC DE Advisor. 

Free ACCUPLACER Study App - view the flyer for more information and how to download the app. 


Are you interested in taking college courses in high school? The ACC Dual Enrollment Advisors are holding a live information night on February 16, 2021 at 6 p.m. View the flyer for more details and the link to join.  

Summer and Fall 2021 Enrollment Information
How to Enroll for New Families

  • Fall 2021 Admission Deadline is April 2, 2021
  • View the Steps to Enroll
  • Updates made frequently
  • Review DE News & Announcements regularly for the most current information

Spring 2021 - Course Delivery

  • ACC Dual Enrollment will be remote-online. Classes will be synchronous (live at the scheduled time) or asynchronous (at your own pace, following the syllabus and assignment deadlines; however still meeting with the professor one time throughout the week virtually through Blackboard Collaborate or Microsoft Teams for additional support. Students unable to meet during the designated time will not be penalized; all information will be made available via Blackboard). Your delivery method will begin on January 19, 2021/February 15, 2021 (12-week) and continue in that manner until the semester is over, regardless if you are face-to-face or a virtual student learning from home.
    • How will I know if my class is synchronous or asynchronous?
      Danbury ISD – synchronous
      Pearland ISD – synchronous
      Alvin ISD – asynchronous
    • What happens if I choose to return to my high school for face-to-face instruction and I’m enrolled in the remote-online Dual Enrollment Class?
      Additional information has been included in your registration and welcome email. Please refer to your ACC Email.

  • ACC uses Blackboard, Blackboard Collaborate and Microsoft Teams as its instructional platform. Once registered for classes, students will be able to log into the ACC POD to view and access their college courses. Detailed information will be sent after registration.

Tips for Success:

  • Check your ACC Email - email is the official form of communication. Please check your ACC email daily. If you need help checking email, contact the IT Help Desk or visit with your ACC DE Advisor.
  • Log into Blackboard Daily - all remote classes are facilitated through Blackboard. Students should log into Blackboard daily to review any announcements or assignments. Students needing assistance with Blackboard should email their instructor directly or contact Blackboard using the link within the system.
  • Stay Connected - to your instructor and to the program. Read emails; email your instructor if you have questions or concerns; email your DE Advisor for support, and review the DE POD page for updates and announcements.
  • FREE Tutorials are available: http://www.alvincollege.edu/learning-lab/index.html

The following resources are available to assist you. Please contact your ACC DE Advisor or our office dualenrollment@alvincollege.edu if you need additional assistance.

Still need help setting up your ACCess ID and logging into the POD? Contact the IT Help Desk at 281.756.3544.

How do I review and access the college classes I have been registered for?

  • To view your ACC courses: 
    • Log into The POD. 
    • Under WebACCESS>select Students>select Planning & Registration>select Fee Statement and Schedule>select the term.
    • If you have questions or need assistance accessing The POD, contact the IT Help Desk at 281.756.3544 (students only)
    • If your schedule does not look accurate, contact your ACC DE Advisor. Remember this is for fall only (Aug.-Dec.).


  • Students must purchase textbooks - refer to your ACC Email for additional information.
  • Redshelf E-Book Information - If you noticed a Redshelf E-Book fee as part of your fee statement/bill, it is related to an electronic textbook associated with one of the courses you have been registered for. The price of the textbook has been included for your convenience and is usually the most economical option for the book.
    How to access the code, ebook and how to opt out
    Additional Redshelf Help for Students
    Students can also contact the ACC College Store at 281.756.3681


Stay Connected!

Facebook: @accdualenrollment
Twitter: @alvindualenroll
Instagram: @accdualenrollment
YouTube: ACC Dual Enrollment (Visit and Subscribe)
Email: dualenrollment@alvincollege.edu

ADA Accommodations

Students that require accommodations must meet with the ACC Student Accessibility Services prior to the start of school. View the DE Information Sheet to review what is needed for your visit.

ACC Email Address and ACCess ID (ACC ID #)

ALL students will now have an ACC Email Address that will be used as the official form of communication. After applying and being accepted to ACC, you will receive an email with your ACC Student ID number. Use this ID number to setup your ACC email account. If you need assistance, visit the Campus Technology page or contact the IT Help Desk at 281.756.3544.