Success Stories

Abigail Russell

Former ACC History Major Finding Success at University of Houston


Abigail Russell

I graduated from Eagle Heights Christian Academy and chose to attend Alvin Community College because I thought a small school would be an excellent stepping stone into a university.

My favorite thing about ACC was the faculty. In my first semester, I had Dr. Marriott for a basic U.S. History course. He assisted me with an Honors project that signified a major paradigm shift in my career goals. Throughout my time at ACC, I met many wonderful instructors who were always willing to answer my questions and help me with ideas for essays, papers, and career paths.

Because of Alvin Community College, I have been able to find a clear route to a successful future. The entire history department offered advice and suggestions on what would be best for my career. I also learned how to work hard and accomplish goals in a consistent and timely manner. These skills have translated into my academic career as well as my social life.

Currently, I attend the University of Houston which provides a much different college environment. However, as a result of the wonderful and impactful experience I had at ACC, I have been given opportunities to meet incredible people and work alongside local politicians and educated researchers.