Success Stories

Madison Goss

Career in Marketing Began at ACC as a Student Ambassador


Madison Goss

I chose Alvin Community College because it was close to home and the most affordable option at the time. Before my first semester began, a friend told me about ACC’s Student Ambassador Program. Students who are selected receive a scholarship in exchange for hours of service assisting the Marketing and Recruitment offices. Not long after, I decided to apply and was selected as an Ambassador. I had no idea how much I would learn from not only the Student Ambassador program, but the college itself.

ACC taught me a lot about discipline, ethics, and leadership. I learned the discipline I needed in order to pass my classes with outstanding grades. This is something that helped me when I transferred to Sam Houston State University. When I first started college I was definitely not a “straight A” student, but the resources and faculty on campus helped mold me into a better student. After transferring from ACC I graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Marketing. I learned ethics and leadership from the Student Ambassador Program and eventually became the first Student Ambassador President. The more involved you are around campus, the easier it is to succeed. Being involved gave me the opportunity to gain on-campus employment in ACC’s Career Services Department.

I could list quite a few ways ACC helped prepare me for my future but I will leave you with these two main points. First, being involved will open doors for you. Doors that may even lead you into your lifelong career. How do I know this? Well, the Student Ambassador program helped me find my love for marketing. Second, community college is an important milestone in your educational journey. Just like elementary, junior high, and high school, a community college teaches you what you need to know before attending a university.